Passive House

We are designing and building several passivhaus buildings and are delighted that our Clients have now moved in to their new certified passivhaus farmhouse in Ayrshire and that it has won the 2014 UK Passivhaus Trut Bespoke Projects Award. You can hear more about living in the passivhaus farmhouse in the film clip here. 

Building to this standard creates a warm and cosy, light, bright and fresh building with exceptionally low energy bills. Despite what the name would indicate, it applies to all building types, not just houses. Passivhaus buildings give:

  • Great comfort – warm and draught free, with good daylight, solar orientation and fresh air throughout with good indoor air quality.
  • Exceptional energy efficiency – a maximum of 15 kWh/m2.annum or around 90% saving on heating bills compared to a standard house and a maximum of 120 kWh/m2.annum for all energy use in the building.
  • High quality build – high levels of insulation and high performance components such as triple glazed windows and excellent design and detailing.
There are around 200 completed and certified passivhaus buildings in the UK, as of February 2013, and many more on the drawing board. Globally there are over 37,000 buildings constructed to the Passivhaus standard.* To find out more please see the ‘Why Use Passivhaus?’ publication by The Passivhaus Trust.

Kirsty is a Certified EU Passivhaus Designer, and provides both consultancy to other architects as well as working with clients directly to integrate this standard into our designs. Please get in touch with Kirsty who can answer your questions.

Kirsty is a founder member and on the steering group of the Passivhaus Trust Scotland group.

(*written with reference to The International Passivhaus Association, iPHA, Passipedia)